Tuesday, May 3, 2011

oh hai

its been pretty busy but not so much..now that im DONE 1st YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh man so much to write about but i'll keep it short.
i will be doing a quick update of whats been going on...

short term goals
-spend tuesdays and saturdays doing art related projects; personal pieces and self study
-get back on my work out schedule. ugh.
-open official website, promote myself

long term goals
-weekly vlogs in september

AHH and now i sleep and write moar 2morrow :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


it feels like when we were young.
the exchanges of ourselves in different forms and expressions.
to become noticed or become something more.
searching for something...but not even sure what that something is.
discovering encrypted words and phrases.
a sense of familiarity has been noticed but is lost in the process.
connections are made.
difference. similarity.
are they?
fear of losing purity.
suppressing a hatred towards something that may not exist.
or does it?...will it?
gambling the choices away

it feels like when we were young. doesn't it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

sorry team

ive been tryin to get back on my feet
SUCKS! lol
70% of my resolutions are still in play. hoping to fix a few this coming reading week

feb 22 - school 8a-5p; killzone 3;
feb 23 - school 11a-6p;
feb 24 - work 8a-1p; school 3p-6p; FAIL day
feb 25 - reading week starts; hand in last min hwk
feb 26 - work 3-10:45; gareth emery concert @ the guv
feb 27 - planning what i want/need for fluxbox
feb 28 - DT w/ illustration classmates
mar 01 - lunch w/ colleen; hwk
mar 02 -
mar 03 - work 8a-1p; tim burton w/ shiny
mar 04 - krista helping me upcoming psych test
mar 05 - work
mar 06 - work last day of reading week;