Saturday, January 22, 2011


i am lacking.

new goal for sketchbook
whatever the medium. do it mindlessly. :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

journal entry randomness .//. week 001


- Red elements of the broken sun
- The victor's embrace of the rusted temple set alight
- Blue terrace of the eternal plains besieged by the beasts of wings.
- (And of course) I hear it's amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork- does a raw blink on Hara-kiri Rock. I need scissors! 61!

Well, the other day we were asking Maroun "Would you suck a dick if ________" Etc. because he absolutely refused to ever suck a dick. He would not suck a dick to cure cancer, he would not suck a dick to prevent himself from getting raped in the ass every night for 20 years, he would never admit to a situation where he would willingly do this.

One scenario I offered was, what if he were trapped in a room where dicks grew plentifully out of the ground, walls, and ceiling, like grass. And he was naked, just sitting in this room, dicks touching him everywhere, throbbing up against his ass as he sleeps, etc.

The only way to get out of this dicktrap would be to suck any one of the ducks protruding from the floor, and make it jizz in his mouth.

He wouldn't do it. :( He'd rather be in this dickprison for life.

Maybe you [all] could draw the dick prison. :(

any requests, themes, comments. let me know :)
show me what you create. :D im sure they would love to see haha
(if ur confused what this is; please read last paragraph [or near the end] of the previous post)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

happy 2011 new years bitches :D

I didn't party too hard but it was nice, a new years spent with some of my best friends. Nothing too crazy but had fun because it was with awesome people. thanks guys! and thank you keeku for letting us use ur house to celebrate :D

This past year has been quite an exciting one. Lots of accomplished goals with new ones beginning shortly after. I fucking LOVE IT. I devoted majority of my time to me and me alone, I got to places I wanted to be and gained so much more than how I viewed life for the past 24 years prior. No drama makes me feel so pretty!! HAHA I bet you weren't expecting that comparison.

So, what has 2010 taught me? To be honest, this cant be put in this perspective. Rather than what it has taught me, its really what I've gained from it. Life is an on going learning experience. I've gained a better understanding of who I am, what I'm capable of, goal setting, and who truly are the ones that will stick by my side at the end of the day. I couldn't be more grateful for what I have and especially the ones who have pushed me forward to get myself in this position. Everyone I've met and helped me realize the smaller things to get me where I am today; thank you.

Okay, now to speak the truth. I was planning to do some art stuff before the break was over but I have not touched ANYTHING. I did paint two paintings the first weekend but its because I had some missing assignments for painting class, so those don't really count. I've been spending the past 2 weeks playing video games with friends. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Halo Reach & the L4D series (mainly)...oh yeah, and working at good ol' sbux. Its not a complete waste because most of the time, I am gaming with my friends after all. It's not weird right? because of the day n age we live in currently. right? LOL man i feel so old.
I tell myself, I've been pretty damn good cutting my video game addiction for the school year. Practically 0 hrs put into any consoles this semester. So I am quite proud of myself for that (what a fucking nerd LOL) My excuse is "I am going to game the fuck out of this break and so, I can focus my time with school in 2nd semester". I think the gamer personality I have is extremely competitive (in a friendly way). So its like I have to keep my "macro" up to par...BUT HOLY SHIT!!! this is horrible. I HAVE to get out of this habit, I know I do. What the hell do i do for the last week. I am not motivated to do anything for some weird reason.

I see some of my animation friends who are just SOO motivated with what they do and all the projects they've been receiving, IT LOOKS SOOO GOOD!!! and when I look at my program we're still learning basic fundamentals of our mediums as well as our own creative thinking. Unfortunately that is my reality. I have to enjoy this and make it my own. I believe I am chasing my past too much in terms with how I used to sketch freely in sketchbooks and be more expressive in that sense. Thinking vs. Doing is what is slowing me down. I really have to make this part of my routine and from this, I will get my practice as well as my passion again. My friends' works are truly amazing, especially the personal pieces they create. However..I MUST!!! listen to my own advice and never compare myself. I AM WHO I AM. I know what needs to be done. The first step is always just getting yourself to do it.

I am writing all this to make sure I am aware of all this rather someone telling me. :)

I need to do some digging, writing and sketching for this last week of break. I have to find old work, old journal entries to myself (is it weird that i write to myself in my sketchbooks?) and just get anything I can. What pushed me back then? Especially in elementary and high school. I hope I find this out soon.

As for my resolutions. (well...more so my goals for 2011)
- Financial goal; GET ILLUSTRATION YEAR 2 PAID OFF ASAP. ABSOLUTE NO. 1 PRIORITY!!!! must consider the impact of any future purchases because of this!!!!
- Try not to let assignments slide to the night before. Your goal is to do as much as you can the day you receive the assignment. YOU WILL stick to this to the best of your ability.
- Fill a sketchbook for conceptual process; spend minimum of 30min to a max of 3 hours (just like old times) in the sketchbook per day. Continue this until you die. kthx. BE WHERE YOU WANT TO BE. you cannot get there until you accomplish this basic task.
- Buy groceries; make lunches for myself to bring to school. Simple sandwiches & drinks. Spend $$ for food at school only if its an emergency. DO NOT SPEND BECAUSE YOU CAN...but DO NOT SPEND BECAUSE YOU CAN'T.
- Get yourself an agenda with like..DATES. fucking use it and abuse it. welcome to your new home.
- Once ILLUSTRATION YEAR 1 is over; spend the time spent at school w/ acquiring more knowledge with the two business opportunities you have received in 2010. Clothing line and ma. Balance this with your starbucks working schedule as you will most likely be working full time until FALL2011.
- Support Melanie (sister) with her wedding this year.
- Mondays at 10p; as many reps of push ups (record #)
- Wednesdays at 10p; as many reps of sit ups (record #)
- Fridays at 10p; as many reps of dips (record #)
- Saturdays at 10p; plyometrics for an hour.
- Do not get emotionally attached. Relationships. FUCK IT. you know your story. no more drama will has made you awesome. YEEE your friends are all the love you need right now. She'll come in time. Its not yours right now.
- Clean room, maintain it. Fold your blankets when you wake up, dump dirty clothes into basket, hang up jackets when coming home. Spring time; empty out closet, throw away EVERYTHING that you seriously have no use for. Organize and make space to store more useful things. IF POSSIBLE; get new shelving units from IKEA to replace current wall brackets. DUST THE FUCK OUTTA YOUR FIGURES.
- Be positive.
- Support your friends. Do not take things for granted.
- Stretch, Floss & Sing.

:) btw; somethings i've gathered in 2010 with goal setting is to start off with a goal, break it down to as much detail as you can. monthly, weekly, daily...the more details the better.
but anyway, those are somethings i wanna do this year and if you are reading this, please help me achieve them and keep me in check. I will support you with your personal goals you want to accomplish this year as well

For conceptual process, Julia wants us to fill out our sketchbooks right? I know some of us have trouble with ideas or "filling up a page". My friends Keeku & Marek are pretty much the most random-est people I know. I've talked to them and they agreed with this idea. Starting the end of next week. They've agreed to tell me a phrase or situation in one sentence (or a few) and our job is to sketch that idea out in your sketchbook in whatever medium. I'm trying to help anyone I can. And get all of us where we want to be. Heck, if you're gonna be successful and aim to the top, why not bring some friends along with you? It might get lonely up there ;) But yes, they're pretty much gonna "paint us a picture" and we're gonna illustrate it. :) Sounds like a plan? I think so :) Any other artists in different programs or whatever who are also reading this, feel free to follow and join in the fun.

the next four years...we're gonna have a blast!!! OKAY? kool beans bitches!!!
i hope everyone has had an awesome break, enjoy the last week and LETS DO THIS!!!!


oh wait, before i forget
To the new friends I have made this past semester. Thank you for making this experience such an awesome one. You all have contributed in your own little ways to make me feel very motivated in what I love to do. In what we love to do. In ways I have forgot. It just feels awesome and I hope our journey brings us further in where we want to be. Please continue to support each other, the ones I have met you guys are an amazing bunch and I am glad it was THIS YEAR that decided to get back to school. :) To the future friends I haven't met yet. LOL *insert creepy face here* LOL

btw; yay! oldschool melvy LJ/XANGA POST FTW!!! actually i lied, its not long enough...thatswhatshesaid*cough* WHAT?! lulz ^^ rly guys, thx for reading :D