Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the next step

My friend steph (eloquencemydear.blogspot.com) updates her fashion blog pretty frequently, inspires me to update something on a regular basis and write stuff I would know what I'd be talking about for once. I guess I want to keep the stuff about my day to day life and the rants I have here and there seperate. Sure, this blog that you are currently reading shows that I'm human and that I have ideas and morals. But I want to give more than that...somehow.

this is $1000+ worth of magazines. $21ish a month since 2006.

I've decided to accomplish tutorials in a magazine I've been collecting monthly since 2006. They're Photoshop Magazines and each issue have tutorials and comes with a CD loaded with awesomeness. I want to do tutorials from the magazine and post anything I can possibly get out of it. I created a new blog for just that purpose. Its sort of a way of self teaching/experimentation. No tutorials up yet but the blog has been created. What I really mean by posting the tutorial is...I do the step to step instructions from the magazine, briefly describe it to you and what I felt were key points and post the final product. Sometime in the future I want to write my own tutorials so possibly you can try out for yourself if you're interested.

You can check it out at: melvyart-tutorials.blogspot.com

btw a quick link to the page is also located by clicking on my face to the right of the screen. :D

many thanks :)