Monday, March 22, 2010

my BBA Illustration Portfolio 2010

Here it is; the portfolio I handed in a few weeks ago. A few of the "sketchbook" drawings I included are images of posts I've done earlier (ones you've seen) and some are "whatever" pieces. So its not the COMPLETE portfolio but regardless, this is pretty much it. Sorry for lagging on uploading this but take a gander and tell me what you think.

Rosanna Trinh

Giancarlo Spurio(I just met this guy on the last day; helped me with these few sketches because I rushed them pretty hard LOL)

Giancarlo Spurio

Andy Liang (sketched this in his room about 4 years ago)

Dixie & Eglinton Starbucks

Downtown Toronto (2006)


Scupture I made in grade 12. Last minute choice to put into portfolio *shrugs* Not really much to do with illustration since it's 3D but I hope I got some sort of recognition on being able to use different types of media.

Probably one of the best hands I've sketched so far (since i don't normally sketch them to begin with). Thank you Debbie for the quick tutor.

Shirley Vien (thank you again for posing for me oh so many years ago)

Self portrait (acyrlic; completed in one night...disgusting) I didn't use black paint in this piece; that's a first. Turned out okay, although steph didnt fucking recognize me *SAD FACE* "this guy looks familiar, I think I know him"...*10min later*..."oh its melvin"

don't know what this is? i'll tell you later

The size of these babies are 2"x3" per panel. This assignment was very fun.

Derek Leung, Sunny Ng, & Rose Lin @ vikki's house.

3rd image up: they're pigs lol it was 2006 when i made it and chose the pig as the animal for the design. it was the year of the pig that year harhar~


  1. I look so angry and fat :D -pokes fat- YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HAPPY FAT. :D

  2. its probably because you finished ur portfolio and i made you pose rather than sleep HAHAHA

  3. Great job!! I wish you all the luck I can possibly wish a person.

    I look funny! I can't believe that was about 4 years ago. I remember I was freezing. Posing is hard work!