Monday, March 8, 2010

last week was hectic

Final week before portfolios were due, sheridan had their reading week. I took this opportunity to use the best I could with the art fundies work area...aka "the pit". Free parking all week too so that was a big $$ saver :P The portfolio was due this past Saturday and we had from 8:00am-10:30am to hand it in. I spent majority of the time this past week driving back and forth from Mississauga and Oakville. I picked things up, dropped things off, etc. Even tho its a 15min drive between my house and the college, I used up A LOT of gas. It was worth it because i managed to get things done this time and I wasn't stressing out as I thought I would.

There were a few days where I would work, work, work. Whereas others would be spent on organizing the final product. It was weird on those days; I didn't feel that productive because I wasn't really doing art works in general. I was just putting things together and making sure I knew where things would go in the end. Little did I know this helped me big time. I'm glad I spent time piecing things together and not stressing about it. I think I've accomplished something more than just completing the portfolio. I think I'm starting to develop some skills that I've always wanted to have but were never really there. Being in a certain mind set can truly bring these skills out and I really hope I don't forget them.

I've never been at sheridan for late nights/all nighters. It was fun and cool to experience with other people whom were working on their portfolios as well. I made a few new friends and when we would show each other our works, we were very supportive despite knowing everyone around was potential competition. I looked at it more as working with future classmates. I had to stay positive and I couldn't not believe in myself anymore (LOL pure lies). Artists are the biggest critics when it comes to their own art, so of course I was thinking I'm not gonna make it.

The week passed and before I knew it, friday was the final day/night to work on things. Driving back and forth from Oakville, Home and Kinkos to print things off was so exhausting but it had to be done. A print job that was $42 decreased itself to $27 with the help of rose's SPC card; i gotta get one of those. Pieces of work finishing one after another with barely any breaks in between. Working to music anywhere from asian music to electronica or mixes my friends put together to random instrumental tracks from final fantasy and such. My PSP died twice (luckily i had the charger). Overall, it was fun. Especially when the majority of us were lacking hours and hours of sleep. LOL

The line up for the portfolio was long. 1 hour wait. I arrived shortly after sketching in my last hand. The line up consisted of applicants with their parents. Which made me realize these applicants were those out of highschool and made me realize how old I really am. But I didn't care. I'm doing something about it. Better now than never. I soon bumped into classmates I took art fundies with 3 years ago and then I knew I wasn't the only one.

If you want to do something with your life; take charge and do it. If all you do is complain and just waste your life away in front of a computer or tv, you pretty much have no right to complain at all. Change isn't going to happen unless you get up and break away from that which is not making you happy. I want to be happy. But to gain that happiness, I know (now) that you have to earn it somewhere...eventually. Every new story that's told, there is a beginning. This is mine.

LOL here are some pics i took through out the past week. Yup; in the late hours while everyone else was sleeping. OH SPEAKING OF WHICH. when i got home. i had the best nap. woke up; went to work. AND THEN SLEPT AGAIN TIL THE NEXT DAY. it was so good :) *spaz*


  1. Sleeep. Sleeeep. Also hobo naps for the epic LOSE. Stupid bench.

  2. that's good that you're making changes. i remember waiting with my brother while he dropped his portfolio off too. you're in for an intense couple of years! good luck.

  3. reading this made me think about that whirlwind weekend again before handing in portfolios.. and I especially agree with the feeling old thing when I saw the high school kids! I'm 24, but gunning for it, and I couldn't be happier in my decision to finally do this :D

    I hope you make it dude! you've got some strong stuff, looking at your self-portrait and all :)