Tuesday, October 12, 2010

photo update

illustration has been awesome so far, im sorry i just realized i forgot to update last week LOL...anyway HI!!!

we're on week 6
WOW week 6 already. this first image was done in object drawing class...learning alot in that class...hopefully i will be able to apply those techniques with anything else i create in the future :D

and...here's one of our first major projects. we had to MANUALLY draw our face using dots, lines, and shapes. it was pretty intense! but so fun and enjoyable to do!! hahaha enjoy

yeah illustration has been moving quite steady and fast
Japanese class as well!! im learning a lot in that class too!!! busy busy busy!!!
anyway its time to sleep
hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving :) all the best!! <3

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  1. Dude, the manual drawings of your face are incredible!! I'm glad you're enjoying your classes dude!