Wednesday, February 10, 2010

awesome 2 days off

yesterday, i woke up...watched some sarah connor chronicles and headed off to sheridan. little did i know might was going to be filled with such joy and well as the following day.

I arrived at sheridan for the weekly life drawing sessions (I've been uhh sneaking into). Original plan was to sketch for a bit then head off to starbucks n sketch there. That failed. Why? We walked into the illustration life drawing room where the session took place. It had a few students whereas the other room was pretty full. The illustration room is dark and the only light source is the one pointing at the model. I prefer this because the light that hits on the model is more defined than a light source with a lit up room. The model was Allison (the first model i sketched with these pens back when i was at Sheridan for art fundies). It was sort of cool when i thought about it. We ended up staying there for the WHOLE session unlike the previous weeks. I personally have not done that before. I guess sketching on paper in a sketchbook with a pen is giving me a better understanding with loose lines than charcoal and newsprint.

Mike and myself decide to call it a night. We were getting hungry so we started heading out. I get a phone call from steph who wanted to chill. We left the campus and picked her up from chapters sq1 and decide to eat @ phoenix for dinner. I haven't been to phoenix for a few months and the day I decide to go is when I see SO MANY familiar faces...its weird when that happens but also very comforting? Arlene, jeff, keeku, jap, adner, mandy c & john just to name a few. We finish up and i drop Mike off at home @ Weston Rd. Andy gave me a call briefly before dinner so i called him back and headed over to his house. We chilled for a bit. Played with his new KORG keyboard for a bit. Andy has a winter beater and mentioned that he would teach me how to drive manual transmission. After sitting around aimlessly, we decided to do that.

Andy & steph taught me how to drive manual transmission. They said I did a REALLY good job considering its my first time so i guess thats some good news :D It was a really fun experience and it just makes driving so much enjoyable. We went to timmies to meet up with eric and scott who wanted to drive around as well after hearing that I was learning "stick". The group took a trip to the top of the BAY parking lot @ SQ1 and drove around there for a bit. Halfway through Eric took a piss on the side wall. I thought nothing of it but moments later, the security truck drove up to join us. The man came out and asked what we were doing and we told him that I was being taught how to drive. He was like "oh..that's cool" he looked at eric and said "but you...have to go. This isn't a public washroom" and kicked eric off the property. LOL!!! that was funny. We did a few more rounds and decided to call it a night.

Scott n steph parted ways and I headed back to andy's house. He showed me some his pet spiders and brought down his tarantula. I let that thing crawl on my hand. Why? I may never know. Maybe just a night filled with randomness that it had to be done. *shivers* it was an interesting experience regardless and the spider was lighter than i thought it would be.

Thanks for reading my story but im sure this is what you want. Here are some of the sketches from that day. I'm aware that the proportions are still wack but its okay.

I was on the computer just aimlessly doing random shit like everybody else. Waiting for the time i leave the house and pick up CJ in Brampton and Mike in Oakville. The pla was to go to science centre for an event they were hosting at body worlds (body worlds sketch night).

I picked them both up and headed to the science centre. We arrived and walked into the room. Its alot different from the 2006 exhibit. This year doesnt seem that exciting as the exhibit in 2006. I have no idea why. Some speculation might be I've experienced seeing body worlds in general and that SHOCK of knowing its dead bodies doesn't fascinate me as much. There are some new poses and such but a lot of it didnt really tickle my fancy from a sketching aspect. Anyway, as we walked deeper into the exhibit, I see a model who looked very familiar...I remembered her robe or sash because it was so unique in its own little way. I then realized who it was. She was the first model I've ever drawn in nude!!!! (Debbie) LOL yup, she was my first :$ hahaha mike & cj were laughing when I told them that...hahaha OK, I try to remember the names of models that I really enjoyed drawing and I would write their names on whatever I'm drawing/painting. It was just so nostalgic. Seeing myself not being able to draw a person to where i am now (not that far but I know I've improved) MAYBE ITS A SIGN!!! <3 LOL common illustration; lets dance!!!! RWAHHHHHHH LOL

anwyay here are some photos :) i cant wait til next week to finish it off. THIS WAS SO FUN!!!!!

if this last image goes the way its been going so far, i will be putting this in my portfolio; im really enjoying what i've done with it so far :D!!! leave your comments please :)

EDIT: BIG THANK YOU TO KRISTA for taking my shift last minute <3!!!!!!
EDIT again: LOL shirley, I edited it but I know theres not much difference. I guess I have to type these long entries once in a while huh :P


  1. This is going to be an odd comment. I enjoyed looking at the pictures but I didn't enjoy reading your blog. The content was interesting but at one point I was wondering if you wrote it while intoxicated. The grammar kinda threw me off. I dunno... :\

  2. it was 3am ish...photobucket was down until then
    im sick as well. and im fully aware of the grammar :(
    i'll fix it up just for you later tonight :D