Monday, February 22, 2010

bodyworlds sketch night #2 and some other randoms. no 56k.

This entry is mainly going to be a bunch of photos...
first off...
rina, you are one of my closest friends. thank you for being part of my life and letting me be a part of yours :D

The sketch night we had last week was SO awesome. I went with Mike, CJ & Rose this time (rose; pics of you were blurry so I didn't post. don't get mad lol). I finished the piece i was working on the previous week. Debbie was in the same spot so I got a few poses from her as well. I've sorta discovered a technique I've seen in drawings before but never really experimented with it. I usually would draw in lines and shade it to makes it's shape but last night I was outlining the area that needed to be shaded and then putting the lines into that shape. You'll see what i mean. A few of these turned out pretty good. As usual, proportion is still pretty fail when I rush sketches like this. Tell me what you think.


i bought new boots for airsoft. Oakley SI Assault Boots 8". SO NICE and comfy!!! i love it, I also bought a laundry basket that matches my desk and also a MOSHI pouch for my phone hehehehe :D

My buddy CJ has been lacking that creativity and has a "block". I've battled this many times before and every time I realize I get back what I've been looking for (creativity/imagination)...I don't. That's the thing I've come to believe is that imagination and ones creativity comes from what excites you as a person. Do the things you want to do, do the things you love to do. Be silly, be natural, be you. To those who have known me in my early years of life, I'm talking about Pre-Highschool, I was a QUIET kid. Once in a while, I still am. But to those who know me now, I'm not so quiet am I? My gr6-8 teacher pushed me by joining her new drama club. It got me to express myself in ways I always wanted to but to shy to do so. Over those 3 years, I emerged into something more and since, I've been pretty random and careless on what others think. WOULDN'T YOU SAY SO?!?! hahaha

CJ, things like this are really hard to keep a hold of. Maintaining something as vague as Imagination (especially when comparing to your childhood imagination) is hard to do. As like everything else in life, you just gotta find that motivation to keep pushing yourself to keep it at its peak. I find doing something completely different than what you do on a regular basis or even what you do as a career helps a lot. This exposes you to new things, new ideas and opens yourself up to more and more possibilities. You take those new things and mix and mash them with your old ones and you create something so powerful that will get everyone standing in awe!! CJ, you'll find a way to overcome this I'm sure. Break from you cycle. Break from your routines. You WILL find what you're looking for. In the end, all im saying is just keep at it and things turn out for the better. Just don't be emo; or else I'll kick your ass to the beats of initial d music.

to my viewers: cj would like some of your input on his blog. read it here

thanks for reading/viewing everybody :) till next time.


  1. I really enjoyed this post! Thank you for sharing :)

    The completed sketch of the man and women posing you did from Body Worlds looks amazing!!! The amount of detailing - very nice! As for the other sketches, I've never done any and would likely fail so I don't feel I am qualified on critiquing them. I'm happy that you're getting more practice with this stuff.

    And the last bit of the post to your friend, CJ - it was inspiring. Having been in a situation similar to that in that past, it is true that there is a need to 'break from routine'. Doing something completely outside of your comfort zone and learning something new is what keeps me going. I hope your friend will find a way to overcome this soon.

  2. Thanks so much for this melvin.
    Actually thanks to you, i've been able to do some of what you're saying. Getting me out of the house to hang out with you and mike (and rose) was something i needed, since Ive been in the same pace day after day.

    I've asked around a lot about this topic, and thanks to you and them, I just may be able to get past this crap. I learned a lot, and have a head full of knowledge about art and life that I want to share with you. Maybe I'll write up another post on my blog with it.

    Thanks again man. I'll keep pushing, I can't let anything get in the way of my dreams.

    Btw, thanks shirls, im sure I will overcome this :)