Wednesday, February 3, 2010

coloured pens rock

so about, two weeks ago i think? i bought these coloured pens I've had my eye on since i attended sheridan (3years ago?). I finally picked some up and the impact a bunch of random doodles on one page can do SOOO MUCH!!! rather than the boring black/red/blue ive been using for the past few years...these colours just make your eye travel all and around the page...its awesome!!! Here's a page i sketched out in the illustration room @ sheridan this past monday.

My friend angie, from highschool, is going away on a trip to japan (again *shakes fist) this march. I asked her to pick me up some more pens. why do i want the ones from japan? THEY GOT GRIP. and theres like 40 different colours...0.4mm in diameter. IM ON CRACK...i love these pilotpens. SOO GOOD!

in other news. i bought a new m16 last friday off my friend steven. I believe he's getting out of the hobby and sold it for a pretty fair price. I just had to take it. Here are the airsoft guns i currently own. do i scare you? LOL please dont be scared. i is nice boy :)
this is what happens when you have a kid who grew with robocop, counter-strike, 24, modern warfare and any other famous action movies/fps games out there! lol :) thats it for my show n tell. YOUR TURN!!!

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