Sunday, January 10, 2010


I applied for College today. It was a good feeling, another step forward. Finally with a passion to do something again. Its one step closer to reaching that goal. Stay focused melvy!! OH so good right now :D stay positive, know your strengths & weaknesses...know what you're worth. PEW* Wondering what i need to get done? *lets dance shall we?*

Register for Portfolio Assessment:
Your portfolio gives you an opportunity to display your ability to respond to a given task and provides us with insight into your problem-solving abilities. The Portfolio Assessment measures your suitability as a candidate for the first year of study in Illustration. The portfolio materials are detailed below, please read all sections carefully.

Drawing Test (mandatory
The drawing test counts for 40% of the assessment score. All work must be ORIGINAL (work from observation, NOT from photographs). Paper should be white, 8.5 x 11 inches, and all drawings should be black and white. Submit only photocopies of the drawings, as they will be retained for our review process

1) 3 observational drawings of complete figures (one each per sheet):

a) One figure seated

b) One figure standing

c) One figure involved in an everyday activity

This is meant to show that you can draw the figure from life (demonstrating understanding of proportion and scale).

2) A figure in an interior, include some furniture or other items. The drawing should indicate your ability to show light, shadow and form through shading or cross hatching. The drawing should create an interesting atmosphere or mood. Do NOT use a pencil.

3) A view out through a window, including part of the interior of the room. The goal is to demonstrate your understanding of perspective (foreground, middle ground and background).

4) Draw a still life of simple objects similar to a sphere, cube and cylinder (for example, an orange, a cereal box and a coffee mug). Now do a second drawing, on another sheet, of the still life but with some kind of change or transformation having taken place with the objects. This exercise is meant to test your creativity.

Please label these works as Drawing Test and include your name and student number.

Portfolio of Original Work
The Portfolio counts for 60% of the assessment score. Choose up to 20 pieces of your work. Original artwork rather than photocopies is desirable. (Except applicants living more than 80 kilometres from Sheridan. See below.) Please note that we cannot evaluate slides, CD's, T-shirts or 3D sculptures (multiple photographs of 3D work are acceptable and counted as one piece). Science fiction, fantasy, cartoons, comics, anime or images of the horrific in any form are not helpful in determining your skills for the program and therefore will not be evaluated. The portfolio will be scored as follows (10% for each topic).

1) Drawing skills (direct observation, representation, personal expression)

2) Process work for a project included in the portfolio (to show how you develop your ideas)

3) Media exploration (investigation and expressive handling of media)

4) Breadth of content (range of subject matter and visual approach)

5) Sketchbook (evidence of visual curiosity, research and reference)

6) Visual impact (clear, organized presentation and level of preparedness for the program through demonstrated passion for communicating through images)

The following are examples of work you may choose to include if you do not have an established portfolio:

A drawing or painting of a still life of everyday objects.
Draw shoes, gloves, etc. and arrange them in a still life with the use of other props or environment that helps tell a story.
Draw a self-portrait.
Draw mechanical objects (e.g. tools, appliances, cars, etc.).
Draw interiors or exteriors of architecture (e.g. school, church, or your room). Draw hands and/or feet.
Draw or paint a landscape
Draw a clothed figure in a place that gives the figure a sense of scale.

these are the requirements for illustration and what i have to do for the portfolio. Man its a challenge but I'm too pumped on doing something about it. When do I need to finish this by? The date hasn't really been confirmed yet. But to me, its probably tomorrow. haha, but seriously, no more slacking off. Work hard now, all the time and freedom you'll have at the end. good things come to those who wait.

I wanted to thank rose from calgary; whom i met off for helping me out with this today. WOOO!!! Awesomeness (: Anyway. Wish me luck :D