Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the start of something new

happy new years 2010. (expect random ramblings LOL)
it just took me a good 2 hours to figure out how to use this site again. The past few years I've been idle with art and such. 2009 was such an eye opener on what I wanted to do with myself and for myself. There have been many trips with plenty of time for self realizations. For someone who never traveled anywhere at all...I've taken a trip to Montreal in Nov2008, Japan in March2009, Manitoba in July2009 (I was born there) and finally Cuba in Nov2009. These trips have opened my eyes in many ways more than one.

I started writing in a journal (yes, with ink) and I've written a few goals I want to get accomplished this year. I won't be posting any of that stuff here. I've given many false promises and I'm trying to get myself out of that habit.

There will always be those selected few whom have pushed me to do my best even though I've been lacking in areas where I should be focusing on. You might not see a lot of me this year. Ever since Japan, I've tried setting some priorities and goals as a start. Sadly I've been procrastinating until now. I've spent the past 3 years doing just that; working, gaming and spending time with friends. I've had my fun and excitement. It's time to work hard now; the fun will come back...in time.
So to those people. Thank you for putting up with me. It's been fun but I gotta do this. Your understanding and support is the thing that's motivating me. <3

So stalk me; read, view, comment, enjoy the posts. This is the start of something new.


  1. ty shirley!
    hows the DSLR treating you? im picking up a T1i VERYYYYYYYYY soon lolol u should start something like this too ;)