Monday, January 25, 2010

first life drawing session of 2010

i haven't done this for 3 years...mike sneaked me into the illustration life drawing session last minute. it got really hard for me and im not satisfied with what i produced today. its one of those things you gotta keep at and just constantly do all the time. but where else am i going to find someone to pose naked for me LOL ;) but on a more serious note. SHIT!!!...theres so much room for improvement!!! lay down your thoughts. (this was a 10min pose?...i think?...FAIL)

i also bought two life drawing books today as well. maybe i'll post pics of them later :D


  1. Hey this isn't bad - practice makes perfect, right? If you have the time, work on the linework as opposed to the tone to get yourself started and definitely work on giving shape and definition to feet/hands.

  2. Nice to see you some artwork up here! This is okay but definitely needs work. I expect great things from you, good sir!
    I agree with Rose that you may want to spend more time with the line work. Post another life drawing in 12 months and we will see how much you've improved. No pressure!

  3. yeah i think i rush it because i get fustrated...
    thats just me personally...i think i just gotta change my mentality towards this...and not get fustrated so easily :(
    but thank you for the pointers and letting me know what you guys think :)

    the 12 month thing sounds like a good plan...will repost a life drawing i do in one year *done*


  4. lol don't get frustrated in life drawing. it's meant to just get the juices flowing. have fun with it :)
    Use the life drawing sessions to just relax and draw not just draw. :3