Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Must be more organized. Been feeling a little blah. Messy room isn't helping but for the past few hours I've managed to still waste time...somehow? Well, at least i did SOME cleaning, forgot to take a before shot* STEP ONE. THE DESK!horrah for clean desk. the hard part is maintaining this.

now for STEP TWO: the rest of the room :(

FAIL! sad face. lol! well you know what? lets make this image not that embarassing; lets play a game. I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE. GO!!


  1. I'm sorry but... that's pretty funny. but I can totally relate... I started cleaning my room back in November... I just have 2 piles of clothes to deal with, an ishload of dusting, and a good 5-minute vacuum session...

  2. i spy with my little eye..
    something that is red, white, furry, and FULL of LF goodness


  3. madienne; which one is your main blog of the two you have? :O mannn i have SOO much shit. but ive been throwing alot of stuff out lately so its all good!! :)
    and you didnt play the game *shakes fist*

    shiny; DOES IT KEEP ME FEET WARM N COZY?! <3 <3 <3!!!!

  4. @Melv: I don't really blog anymore... I tweet tho... I just fell off with it, because i've too many little thoughts and no real time to sit down and "explain" them, or go onto a journal and write them down, blah blah... if anything...

    ps: i spy with my little eyyyeeeeee... something that is "old school" black! BWAHAHAHAHA