Sunday, September 19, 2010

random time = random entry

halo reach brings back some good memories of halo 3 but i must say, i'm doing quite well for restraining myself from playing as often as i once did.

i handed one of our first assignments last Friday. it was pretty intense but did not stress on finishing it since i planned a little better this time. i just have to keep this up cuz i can see some intense stuff happening soon!! getting to know my classmates more n more as each day passes!!! they're truly a great group of people but no one can beat the original crew...whom of which have graduated from 4th year in their respective illustration & animation programs...(you all know who you are...+ cj) LOL

did you know you are SO AWESOME!!?!?! LIKE A POSSUM?!!!! its all "enjoyment" :D

i havent seen alot of people in so long but its expected i guess...ahha i miss you all. im still tryin to figure out a few things here n there but hopefully we'll see each other soon :D

oH! check this out

it makes me feel nostalgic. why? i dunno. i wanna dance to some DnB. hahaha

oh yeah....i need a haircut.

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