Sunday, September 12, 2010


LOL. just do it.

i told myself i'd try my best to at least update this blog once a week. either saturday or sunday. unfortunately i have no pictures to share since it was...*drum roll* THE FIRST WEEK OF ILLUSTRATION!!! hahahaha yeah the week has been fun but the work is already on its way. And things are beginning to roll.

I got paid on friday...spent all of it...ALL of it...on parking, japanese class and supplies...its quite intense but i saw this coming and expected nothing less...hahaha! its forcing me to manage my money and being more organized...afterall, that was my goal...hopefully this bombardment will teach me something in the long run. :)

ive made a very few amount of new friends but hopefully all that will change in the up coming weeks...i think everyone's still in their shy zone...hahaha in time...we have 4 years to get to know each other so i guess there isn't a huge rush.

until next week guys. cheers :D~

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