Thursday, September 9, 2010

a toast...

To one of the most influential, caring, loving, inspiring, individuals in my life!!

There has never been a day that has passed by where I felt as if you did not have my back and give me full support in whatever I would engage myself with. You're so close when it feels like months and months have separated us when we last would see each other. With all bumps on the roads that have brought us to where we are now...and onward to the rough waves of the seas that lie ahead...I thank you for always being there...but mainly being yourself.

Despite the subtle change that inevitably occurs in everyone's lives; please do not forget where we've come from and the amazing journey's we have gone through. It has been fun and I do hope our crazy wild adventures continue because you bring out the best of me when I least expect it.

Thank you. You are someone much more. Please don't forget who you are when you feel lost. Find yourself and you'll be okay. :)

Cheers. To you. My best friend & LFpartner.
Happy Birthday Shiny (Crystal, yup your real name is in brackets). May all your best wishes come true.
Love you lots <3!!!
~060103 637

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